Europe, Europe, Europe, the dream of almost every international student! if your aim is to study abroad, Europe is the place to be. Imagine yourself studying in one of the Top 5 Cities to study abroad there, enjoying the magic of each of them, knowing people from all over the world & living to the fullest for an entire year! Sounds amazing? huh? But here comes the question… Where to go?

The best about this continent is that it has a city for every likes & budgets. Europe is the home to some of the world’s oldest universities, there is not a program of study that you cannot find. Now we’ll make easier your choice by letting you know the best about this Top 5 cities to study abroad in Europe:



Top 5 Cities to Study Abroad - Barcelona

O! With no doubt Barcelona is one of the hottest study abroad destinies! Art, Architecture, Education, Music, Culture, Beach & Fiesta!  You probably heard before that Barcelona is the city that never stops. Catalan and Spanish are both official languages of the city, but don’t worry! you’ll find there many english speakers & also many international students like you!  We recommend you to learn some spanish phrases while you stay there! remember “you haven’t travel for real if you haven’t learned some of the culture of the country!”.

Each university in Barcelona offers a unique program ideal for students who want to take courses in a variety of topics, ranging from business (EADA) to liberal arts to Spanish. Barcelona is definitely one of the top 5 Cities to study abroad & the home to one of the world’s most famous futbol teams! FC Barcelona. Studying abroad in Barcelona will provide you the perfect blend of culture and fun!                     

Top 5 cities to study abroad, London


Are you in love with the british accent? Don’t answer this ’cause I already  know the answer! London is a capital of culture, music, education, fashion, politics, finance & it’s the home of the 43 universities that form the largest concentration of higher education in Europe!  London is a major center of higher education, teaching, and research – including the London School of Economics. Knowing all this.. why you haven’t start packing your things?  London awaits for you!


dublinTime for a few Scoops? If you don’t have idea of what this means, don’t worry somebody from Ireland just told me! The true is that Dublin has a lot to teach you! This European city is more than Irish pubs or Green areas! Dublin is full of personality and charm, it has beautiful landscaped parks, wealth of attractions, rich cultural heritage and also is the home of one of the best universities of Ireland, Trinity College. Choose to study abroad in Dublin, one of the top 5 Cities to study abroad in Europe and it won’t take you long to work out why!



Paris, je t’aime! Imagine yourself having a picnic or reading a book on the grass of the eiffel tower! or even better, imagine yourself studying abroad in one of the most beautiful and romantic cities of the world!. Paris is filled with historic monuments and some of the best culture, art, fashion, food, and design the world has to offer, making it an attractive option for those looking to study abroad. Paris and its region are hole to the headquarters of many international organizations. If you are looking to study foreign relations, International Human Resources in Ciffop  or get an internship, Paris is the place for you!



Berlin is a modern city rebuilt on a tumultuous past. Let history surround you in Berlin, as you see the future boldly reflected in the architecture, innovation, and culture that characterize this great city today. If you’re a student and you’re looking to research abroad, Berlin is one of the perfect places to find an opportunity! Many young people and international artists continue to settle into the city, making it one of the strong centers of youth and popular culture in Europe. Auf nach Berlin!