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Top 5 tips on what to do during summer as a student

Monday - July 31, 2017

So… Summer is here, yaay! Actually it’s 2/3 through, so the question now arises – this summer, have you done anything else rather than just chill all day? Because things are about to get interesting here, as we are going to propose you our top 5 tips on what to do during summer as a student if you really want to be self-productive. Let’s begin!

Work away with Workaway!Top 5 tips on what to do during summer as a student

If you don’t already know what the platform does, start doing some serious research – it can prove to be a way of life! How does free accommodation, free food and some pocket money sound? With you can have all that in exchange for voluntary work in different places all around the world! Benefits are obvious: you get to see the world with an extremely reduced cost, you increase your global cultural awareness, you get to meet people from different backgrounds and nationalities and who knows? You may actually find the love of your life on the other side of the globe ?. A similar platform is, only they do voluntary placements in organic farms in exchange for food and shelter.

Get FIT!Top 5 tips on what to do during summer as a student

What better time of the year than the summer to get in shape? I mean science confirms sunny weather is a great booster for motivation, so time to get to that gym and improve your personal image. Although beach bodies are made in the winter, it is never too late to start preparing your beach body for the next summer though!

Travel, travel and again travel!Top 5 tips on what to do during summer as a student

Three months of unlimited freedom, that’s summer in a nutshell! So you have to take advantage of this marvellous period of time to discover new countries or territories, explore new areas and widen your knowledge horizons. ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page’, says an old expression and it is so right – travelling not only helps you in terms of enhancing your awareness levels, but it also changes the way you see life.

Work… but just for a little bit!Top 5 tips on what to do during summer as a student

Now you may ask yourself: ‘How am I supposed to fund my travels? I’m a student on holidays and I’m broke!’ Don’t worry, we are to offer you the perfect solution to that issue – just work for a month or two after school, make some cash and use it for the purposes specified above. I know everyone thrives to find the perfect balance in their lives, however life is unfortunately about compromises which you will have to make ?

Summer school time 😉Top 5 tips on what to do during summer as a student

I know more studying is probably the last thing you’d like to hear for your summer free time. However, you should also consider the possibility of a summer school. It may sound like a cliché, however summer schools can make the difference between an employed and an unemployed person. Summer schools add up employability value to your resume, can help you network with other like-minded people and can really be fun!

Online Open Days

We know that you are a hard-working student always thinking about your next step of your educational path (so you may ignore some of the advice above). That is the reason why The Study Abroad Portal is here for you to assist you when making the next educational decision. So don’t hesitate to check out the upcoming webinars available just for you!