Moving out is difficult, especially when you’ve spent a long time living in a certain place you called home. However, even though it’s hard to move out, one must embrace change. To ease your separation anxiety and to get you moving forward, here are 5 tips that you could follow to lessen your struggle in moving out.

1. Early birds panic less

Arranging things can be a complete hassle, especially when it’s crammed in too little time. Things may get left behind, the room is left dirty, things may be broken since it may just be thrown in a box. It’s stressful. That’s why it’s important to start packing at least a month or two before your moving out date. This way, you can sort things that will be coming home with you, things that will be thrown away, and organize things better.

2. Take your things home by batch or category

It will be difficult to take home everything you own in just one travel, especially when you’ve been living in the dorm for quite some time. In the same dilemma of packing early, it will be easier for you to empty the room if you take your things at home little by little, in batches. The last things you should bring home are the ones most essential such as a few clothing, and maybe bed covers. Prioritize important things such as documents and changing your address from old to new.

3. Workload does not need to come along

There are a LOT of papers, books, and notes involved in schoolwork. In going home, it’s important to sort them out. Bringing them all home would be too much of a load, so make sure to choose carefully on which ones are necessary for you, then throw out the rest. If you have books or notes that were properly kept but you don’t need any more, you can sell them to your college friends, or any student who needs it.

4. Clean up/de-clutter

It’s common decency to clean up after our messes, that’s why it’s essential and polite for you to clean your dorm room before moving out. This is a nice gesture to the next tenant, to the owner, and it’s also your time to reminisce and be nostalgic if you’re that type of person. By doing this, you can also do a thorough checking of the place, if there are any damages or things that you may forget to pack.

Top 5 Tips for Students moving out of Dorm

5. Check for damages and list them

Damages usually mean additional payment since every damage will be charged. It’s important to list every damage you’ve found in your room and be honest about them so there won’t be any additional charges when you finally leave. Pay the fees, if there are any and thank your landlord for letting you stay on their lease.

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