Good day ladies and gentlemen! We couldn’t have asked for a better timing for this blog. Why? Because we can firmly affirm that the sun is really up and people are already starting to make their plans for the summer. As if spending your summer on the beach was not enough, we’d like to add something on top of that. Think about spending your summer on beach in the city where you are going to study abroad! Sounds cool, right? In that case, I hope you will enjoy our selection for the TOP 5 student beach cities on the Globe!

Barcelona, ESP

TOP 5 Student Beach CitiesThis one doesn’t really need any introduction. The Mediterranean vibe (which includes everything – the people, the weather, the food, the culture, the PLAYA!) plays a huge role with regards to student life here. It’s… unique. Yes, that’s the word. UNIQUE. But wait, that’s not it! Barcelona hosts some of the world’s most prestigious universities, such as Johan Cruyff Institute or EADA, leading academic institutions in their fields. Bear in mind there are things you shouldn’t do in Barcelona as a student too, eh? Barcelona is a place for harmony and understanding and we’d like to keep it that way ?

TOP 5 Student Beach CitiesTel Aviv, ISR

Another Mediterranean student city with an outstanding city beach, the ‘Gay Capital of the Middle East’, Tel Aviv is an extremely liberal place where you will for sure meet a lot of open-minded fellow students. The city never ceases to amaze newcomers, especially by the quality of education provided by the globally-recognised Tel Aviv University that stands tall in the fields of IT and innovation. Definitely a good choice if you want to study abroad in a beach city! ?

Miami, USA

TOP 5 Student Beach CitiesAnother one that doesn’t need an introduction. Someone says ‘Miami’, you automatically think of palm trees, scorching tropical heat and obviously the glamorous Ocean Drive ?. Add University of Miami, Florida International University or Miami International University of Art & Design to the mix and you’ve got yourself the ideal study abroad setting by the beaches of the North Atlantic Ocean! P.S. – Spanish language skills will come in handy, as in some parts of the city English is the second spoken language 😛

Sydney, AUS

TOP 5 Student Beach CitiesEver heard of the famous ‘Bondi Beach’? That’s like THE beach on the Eastern Coast of Australia and guess what – it’s right outside Sydney! A place of ALL (from surfers to hipsters and backpackers), Bondi Beach is a place of harmony and understanding between cultures, nationalities and races. Students don’t make an exception to that rule, as this is one of their favourite places on the coast of Sydney. Australia is known to everyone for having one of the best educational systems in the world, so definitely give it a shot, eh? 😛

Lisbon, PRT

TOP 5 Student Beach CitiesLeft the best for last. Lisbon, one of Europe’s most underrated capitals has a lot to offer to international students and newcomers in general as well. Being by the beach is cool, right? But you should try Lisbon’s food and local customs. People are not too bad either – sharing Latin roots with other nations such as Spain, Italy or Romania, they are friendly, warm individuals who’ve always been interested in exploring and trading with other cultures.

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Now we’ve come to the end of this blog. Hope you had a good read and you’re really considering studying in one of the cities selected by The Study Abroad Portal! If you’re into a different student city vibe, then don’t hesitate to take a peek here to our upcoming online open days, always available and informative for hundreds of universities worldwide!