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Top 5 most affordable student cities – study abroad havens!

Friday - June 8, 2018

Hola, hola a todos! Welcome back to a brand new blog signed The Study Abroad Portal! As we ourselves have been students abroad, we experienced on our own skin the struggles of moving to another country to study. And yes, we are aware that international students have to be on a budget in order to ensure their survival in their new, adoptive city. Hence, this piece comes as guidance for you to show which ones are the top 5 most affordable student cities in the world! Venga, let’s find them out together ?

Rouen, France

Top 5 most affordable student citiesCapital city of the famous Northern-French region of Normandy, Rouen impresses not by the opulence, but by the tranquillity of the city. Cozy, medieval streets that take you back to the Middle Ages when stepping foot on them, while also being an international hub make Rouen the perfect place for an international student on a budget. Why? Because the French state really looks after them by offering governmental help in the form of discounted tuition fees, as well as subsidised accommodation costs. Plus, Neoma Business School, one of the best value for money schools of business in France and Europe has a campus in Rouen, so it’s definitely a city to consider for studying abroad.

Darmstadt, Germany

Top 5 most affordable student citiesThe Southwestern-German marvel city of Darmstadt is just… awesome. Globally famous because of the fancy art nouveau district of Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt is no doubt a good option for excellent value studies. A coffee shouldn’t cost the broke international student more than €2, whereas in terms of rent you can find a really nice room for around €300 everything included per month! If you’re into business and considering studying an actually affordable MBA, then the Darmstadt MBA will undoubtedly suit your needs ?.

Valencia, Spain

Top 5 most affordable student citiesThis one shouldn’t really require an explanation. The amazing Spanish city of Valencia offers more than just sangria, paella and the whole Mediterranean vibe. Madrid and Barcelona’s long lost cousin (but not as expensive, obviously) with regards to the lifestyle, Valencia hosts 2 of Spain’s best universities – Universidad de Valencia and Universidad Politecnica de Valencia. The particularity of both being the fact that they charge lower tuition fees, yet offering high-quality academic degrees to all international students. Life’s not expensive either ?

Cape Town, South Africa

Top 5 most affordable student citiesFirst Non-European city in the list. That’s because Cape Town occupies a very special place in the worldwide top most affordable student cities. Thinking about safaris in the wild to see lions in their natural capital is cool, but you can actually make it happen if you’re an international student short on money – a decent room would cost you around €250, and a can of Coca-Cola something as little as €0.50! You can find yourself a state of the art course at University of Cape Town, South Africa’s number 1 university, with €2,000 and that really is a decent price for Africa’s most developed country!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Top 5 most affordable student citiesLeft the best for the last. Malaysia is one of the fastest-growing Asian economies nowadays, but the good thing is that everything is still affordable. And by affordable, I mean cheap. An equatorial paradise and a study abroad haven at the same time, Kuala Lumpur is for sure a site yet to be discovered by many. With even less than €200 you can grab yourself an amazing student room (bills included!), while exquisite university courses are suuper accessible – €1,500 – €2,000!

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Hope you enjoyed our blog about the top 5 most affordable student cities on Earth and that you’re actually considering studying in one (or more) of them! However, if you have some different taste when it comes to your studies abroad, make sure you stay tuned to our upcoming online open days for more information about the world of education!