Nowadays, we are focusing on distance learning. There was a moment when we didn’t know what distance learning was all about when we were in school or university. But now, in the world of advanced technology, we are seeing the introduction of online classes for distance learning. Simply put, online classes are meant to teach students through the internet. The subject of online teaching has been around before. Nowadays, taking online courses via online learning platforms has become popular due to a deadly epidemic like Covid 19. So, the need for online classes to be effective is immense. We will discuss some tips to make online classes effective in this article.

Online class overview and some institutional examples

An online class is a method of teaching which is operated over the internet. The need to take online classes worldwide is felt for epidemics such as Covid-19. Most countries start their online teaching activities so that their students might not lose their academic year. Students who wanted to study abroad also completed online courses from their home country. Some educational institutions, such as Study abroad in Israel- BIU University, Ariel University; Studying abroad in the USA- Florida State University, University of Missouri, etc. are exceptional in taking online classes.

Some tips to make online classes effective

We know that online classes and courses are important in today’s transition. So, we need to make arrangements so that the students can learn something from the online classes. So here are some tips to make online classes effective:

Develop skills in operating online learning tools

This tip is for both students and teachers. Teachers and students need to be able to use online learning tools fluently. Anyone can learn to operate these tools by watching YouTube videos or reading good blog posts. Online learning tools like Zoom, Google Classroom, Coursera, Canvas, etc., are often updated. So, we have to adapt ourselves when using all the tools.

Proper use of audio and video

Students should use audio and video appropriately during live online classes. However, some students are reluctant to do so. The rule here is that all the students will keep their videos on, and if they need to say anything, they will ask permission. So, the tips for students are to learn how to use audio and video during class.

Ensuring a calm environment

If you want to conduct a class, you must have a quiet environment. Any kind of chaos is not desirable in this case. A teacher should maintain the atmosphere calm during the online classroom just as the environment in the school is maintained while teaching. Both students and teachers should participate in the class while maintaining a calm environment.

Recording classes and making notes

Everyone should do these two things. By recording the class, a student can review the topics taught at any time. However, a student should not be distracted by social media, video games, or other things during class. Students should listen carefully to what the teacher says and make notes. Taking notes will help students get involved with the material and better prepare for the exam.

Making all arrangements before class

This is intended for students. A student will make all the arrangements before coming to the online class. In other words, we are talking about pre-preparation here. Here are some of them:

A student

  • Will ensure a good internet connection.
  • Will arrange all the necessary books.
  • Put on headphones to hear the sound.
  • Will use laptop or mobile (laptop is not required, but it is better to have).

Final words

Online classes are a perfect opportunity to gain an academic degree. However, there are some unique challenges. Following the tips above can help you succeed even in the messiest times. It is hoped that online classes will become more widespread in the future. More new techniques and tips will come due to advanced technology.


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