International Business and Management at Tio University in Holland

Monday - October 11, 2021

On Wednesday October 20th Webinars4you will host an informative webinar for Tio University in Applied Sciences on the Bachelor in International Business and Management. Register to get all the details and hear a student´s experience!

so why would you consider to study International Business and Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Tio University:

  • Save a year and start earning! TOne of the great benefits of this Private University is that you can study at your own pace, even do the 4 years in 3 years so you save a year. That means 1 year less of tuition fees which you can substitute by already earning a salary i.e. double the benefits!

  • Internship possibilities: In addition to this Tio University offers great student support, also by helping with gaining internships (both in the Netherlands and abroad!)
  • Diploma validation and job opportunities: Studying in the Netherlands gives you access to a solid education and a better chance to find a good job since its diplomas are recognized in the European Union and other countries like USA, Canada and Australia.
  • High level of personal security: The Netherlands is one of the safest (and happiest 🙂 countries in the world, and also at the campus you have all the facilities to make your study life save and fun!
  • Small classes and networking: PIf you are looking for a Private Education this is likely one of the top benefits, as you will make connections for life and often students cary on with their projects into a career or end up working for the company of their internship.

Click here to sign up for the informative webinar of Tio University’s Master in International Business and Management!

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