The Netherlands: Student finance options help young people to pay for their studies

Monday - October 31, 2016

You are planning to study abroad but you are insecure about the financial aspects?

You want to give your daughter or your son the best but you worry about the high expenses?

In both cases,  the Student Finance Plan can give you the answer. 


Study in the NetherlandsStudying abroad is a unique experience that help students grow and develop themselves in many different ways. However, the study abroad challenge could result pretty expensive and this can discourage young people from studying in a foreign country. In order to deal with that and attract more international students to their higher education institutions, some countries offer specially designed Financial Motivation Packages.


The Netherlands is one of those countries. To enable the international students to make their dream come true, the Netherlands offer a unique Student Finance Plan called “Studiefinanciering”, available to all the students that meet the requirements.


What is the Student Finance Plan?

The Student Finance Plan is a loan system that is offered by the Dutch government to students enrolled at universities in the Netherlands and it has four different components:

  1. Basic loan
  2. Student travel product
  3. Supplementary grant
  4. College funds credit
  • The 1) loan, the 2) student travel product, and the 4) college funds credit are available to all the students eligible for the student finance plan.
  • The supplementary grant depends on the income of the student’s parents and provides additional support to students that come from lower income households.

In some cases, the student travel product and the supplementary grant may be given as a gift upon graduation and the students don´t need to pay that back as long as they receive their degree within 10 years. Of course, the basic loan must always be paid back after graduation.

Basic requirements
Study in the Netherlands

Student finance is available for 1. Dutch and other 2. EU/EEA citizens, as well as, for 3. international students with II, III, or IV residence permit that


  • Are under 30 years old.
  • Are enrolled at a full-time Bachelor’s or Master’s programme.
  • Are planning to stay in the Netherlands after graduation.



More scholarship and grant options

Of course, there are more options in order to reduce the cost of living and studying in the Netherlands, including grants and scholarships from universities and other higher education organisations. Eurogates has compiled a handy list to provide more details about more funding options. Interested? Then you can check the Study grants in Holland — Finding scholarships for Dutch institutions page.


The Study Abroad Portal – Online Open Days

To apply for the Student Finance Plan, the students need to be registered at a Dutch University. To help the students and their parents with the critical step of choosing the right course, The Study Abroad Portal offers a series of Online Open Days with prestigious Dutch universities.

During the interactive 45-min sessions, the prospective students and also their parents have the unique opportunity of getting thoroughly informed about the programme content, the future job perspectives, the admission requirements, the accommodation options and any other questions that they´d have.


What’s ON: Eindhoven University of Technology

Starting in November, The Study Abroad Portal presents a great range of webinars with the Eindhoven University of Technology, the top research institution in the technological heart of the Netherlands and all passionate prospective students are warmly invited to join.

Don´t miss your chance! Check out all the webinars with the Eindhoven University of Technology and let the adventure begin right now…

Questions? We are here to support, advise and help you out.