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Luxury and Fashion sectors booming with France market leader!

Tuesday - April 15, 2014


The Luxury and Fashion sectors are booming with France to be the market leader!

The American Business School located in Paris has designed a program specifically dedicated to preparing students to meet the challenges of the international fashion and luxury retail management career stream. The 3 year program is taught fully in English and is tailored to meet the exceptional American academic standards.

Overall the curriculum is highly professionalized both in terms of course design, staffing with some of the courses being taught by professionals of the fashion and luxury sectors and includes up to 14 months of internships and corporate placement during the 3 years of the program. Don’t stress too much about this as the internships and placements within France are supported and organised by the university’s officials.

So why should I study this?


The American Business School Bachelor in Fashion and Luxury Retail Management is recognized in France by the Registre National de la Certification Professionnelle (RNCP, French national directory of professional certification).

Despite the global economy struggling to pull its own weight from the recent recession, the Luxury and Fashion sectors are booming with France to be the market leader! Concrete market studies and research predict current growth to continue for the next 20 years and France is the market leader with a 29 % share of this € 212 billion global market in 2013.

What this means for students is that French luxury and fashion companies will be one of the leading providers of job offers worldwide in the near future, securing a secure professional position in a vibrant industry.

“It’s truly international with courses taught entirely in English, a cosmopolitan student body and faculty offering an ideal multicultural environment to prepare for a career in the global industries of fashion and luxury. International study opportunities also allow the students to enhance their international scope.”- Jarlath Dillon (Program Director)

Our dynamic Online information session, organised on the 29th of April, will allow you to interact with the American Business School- Paris, to ask them questions, and to learn even more about their 3 year program straight from your laptop.

If you wish to attend this completely free Study Abroad Webinar please fill out the form below.

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