Design is an art and a science. And we know it: the future will be for designers! Knowing how things work, and look, and operate, depends entirely on a good design.

Take for example Politecnico di Milano, in Italy which offers various bachelors and masters that are related to the field of Design, covering all aspects in this field of study.

From Art school to Fashion, Web- to Engineering, design can take many shapes, and can offer you many different career opportunities. For instance, design covers product engineer, graphic designer, fashion creator, architect, interior designer, marketer, programmer, quality control engineer…

Once you start studying design, you never stop having that special look. I´m talking about that designer´s eye that dissects every building or piece of electronic. And then comes the: “it could be done better”. Once you start using your designer eyes, you will always be learning about how stuff works and looks. Thus, you will develop the ability to create more things.

Take, for instance, Fashion. Firstly, Italy has been leading the world in fashion design thanks to many factors. To name a few: innovative views, genuine use of new materials and technique, and heavy research in past and future trends. All of this is also possible thanks to a heavy base of Fashion Design education.

If you want to experience the extreme opposite, check how design is relevant to Marketing and Economics. For example, Communication Design belongs to a branch of marketing called corporate communication. Here, experts study all marketing-related communications and put them in consonance with each other. Having this skill is extremely necessary for the modern, technology-based labor market, and is normally targeted as higher education.

If you are more the Engineering-type, then we have good news for you! Politecnico di Milano offers specialized courses in three fundamental areas: Design, Process and Industrial Production; Design Materials; Representation and Prototyping. This programme has the objective of preparing a design figure who integrates the Design and “Engineering” cultures, a professional able to provide a complete project dossier comprising product concept, via final and working design, and preparation of the documents necessary to go into production; who has particular skills in the choice of materials, in design methodologies in a virtual environment and in the impact of the technological aspects of production systems on the project.

In case you don´t meet the Bachelor requirements yet, Milan-neighbour University of Pavia offers a Foundation Year, which is a propaedeutic interdisciplinary programme aimed at candidates with a secondary school diploma or other diplomas regarded as appropriate.

Whatever it is you are looking for, we encourage you to join the special dedication Online Open Day from Politecnico di Milano on September 14th (or watch it anytime after On-demand!):

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This will lead you into the varied world of communication that has been increasingly expanding with the spreading of new medias. With its three main majors – Design in Engineering, Fashion Design and Digital and Interaction Design –this Master study is an interdisciplinary program that ranges between the various fields of design. Through the experimental activity of the creative workshops, students work on real projects in collaboration with international renowned professionals.

The employability rates of our graduate students are very high, thanks to the excellent reputation of Politecnico di Milano among employers and researchers and thanks to the support of our Career Service.

Merit-based scholarships are available for talented students.

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Whatever you would like to study, we´ve got you covered!

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