Companies all over the world are looking for Infrastructure Managers! Are you one of them?

Thursday - April 24, 2014

Companies all over the world are looking for Infrastructure Managers!

Usually business rely on the infrastructure and planning management to support their
business processes and competitive strategy; and ensure its effectiveness.


The Dakshin Institute of Management Sciences located at Chennai, is conscious of the needs of today’s market and is committed to provide their students, the requisite knowledge and skills demanded by the extremely competitive corporate world of today.

The institute offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Infrastructure Management, which is spread over two years across four semesters. The PGDM take students through the entire spectrum of Infrastructure and allow them to specialize in two streams: Project Feasibility and Financing and Project Execution.

Infrastructure Management

The program provides:

Infrastructure Management

Conceptual knowledge of infrastructure business along with a sound understanding of underlying principles of business management theory and practice.

Corporate exposure to the methods of business and best business practices.

  • Building leadership skills needed to manage the business.
  • Focus of the course will be on the utility of the inputs for the creators. (i.e. Promoters, Developers / Owners of Infrastructure Assets from private and public sector) of the Infrastructure and the agencies connected with such Creators i.e. Financial Institutions, Consultingfirms, Govt. sector regulators.


Also you will learn..

  • How to achieve Financial closures within one country and with multiple countries.
  • Contracts management, Tender, claims management, non performance protocols, developing infrastructure corridors and Mega city planning.
  • The impact of infrastructure planning and development on countries development.

The management education in India

Management education is all about thinking on your feet from different perspectives.  Studying in India will give students a different point of view.  People from developing countries and underdeveloped countries will benefit a lot from this course and students from developing countries can replicate the models and practise consultancy as a profession.


If you find Postgraduate Diploma in Infrastructure Management at The Dakshin Institute of Management Sciences  interesting and you need more information, you can ask whatever you want in the online webinar we are offering on May 22nd. Register below so you don’t  have any doubt.

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