The Advantages of Using an Online Timetable Maker for Efficient Time Management

Thursday - December 21, 2023

Timetable is a vital part of every classroom activity, without planning activities will be done on each other this can make the lesson stressful for students and reduce their general performance. Are you an educator? Aspiring for efficient timetable management then stick to this article as it will provide every necessary information you need to know about the timetable maker online and their impact on the learning system.

7 Types of Timetable Marker

1. Master Timetable

This works in a merge system to monitor teachers’ schedules; the feature is a centralized system that allows changes and corrections to be done right from the administrative corner encouraging a fast and smooth run. 

2. Class-wise timetable

This tool allows classroom teacher and educators to plan their daily activities, by scheduling topics and activities for each class

3.  Teacher-wise timetable

This tool is not limited to daily planning as it allows teachers to plan and schedule their classes for daily, weekly, and monthly at a stretch. 

4. Timetable for sports session

The timetable serves as a reminder to the teachers and students. It keeps them prepared ahead of the sporting day. 

5. Co-curricular activities timetable

This timetable reminder prepares students and teachers ahead of the co-curricular activities as they can prepare and make plans for the necessary material or practice needed. 

6. Game Curriculum

This tool serves as a reminder for breaks in lessons, it allows students to relax and have their lunch to be refreshed for another lesson. 

7. Homework Timetable

The feature also has after-school activities such as the homework reminder icon that helps remind students of their assignments before the next lesson day.

5 Advantages of Using Online Timetable Marker for Effective Time Management 

1. Decreases mistakes

The occurrence of mistakes is minimal since activities are done online and are screened before implementation. 

2. Saves energy and  time

Making multiple timetables as a teacher taking different classes can be stressful, and with the help of the online timetable marker, the load is now reduced for teachers as they can now divert the period to be used to draft paper timetables to lesson planning saving time and energy.

3. Provide constant alerts for modifications

The online timetable markers have amazing features, an example is the constant alerts and modification, which allows modification of periods in case of emergency or in-completion of a particular lesson. 

4. User-friendly and safe

The software is easy to use by everyone, less confusing, and safe. The ERP provides extra security that prevents anyone from accessing and editing the fixed timetable 

5. Smooth integration

This feature allows the smooth running of the school academic calendar as new timetables or school events are easily introduced by just editing the previous, preventing confusion and contradiction

Final ThoughtsThe success of all modern teaching management systems has been the help of the timetable marker. These features provide amazing offers to teachers, students, and their parents. Reducing workloads on teachers, permitting students the utmost rest and break, providing reminders for homework, co-curricular activities and a lot more amazing impact already listed above.

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