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Sunday - November 20, 2016

Are you looking to study abroad?

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Then, all the roads lead to Eindhoven.

In the last ten years, the number of the international students in the Netherlands increased by over 70%. As the country with the largest offer of English-taught programmes in the continental Europe, the Netherlands keep warmly inviting the talented international students to their 13 Research and 39 Applied Science universities that rank exceptionally well every year.
Study in Eindhoven

For law studies, the Hague, for economics, Utrecht and for innovation and technology? It’s Eindhoven, one of the top ten innovative European regions, with its high-tech hub area, Brainport, leading the way:

  • Brainport’s economy grows 1,5 faster than the rest of the Netherlands
  • The region of Brainport invests more than 5 billion euros on innovation projects
  • Brainport has 4480 first year science students

We asked some of these students why they chose Eindhoven for their studies and this is what they told us:

#1 The Country of the Future

Eindhoven and the Netherlands in general, offers a very good quality of life that respects both humans and animals: It has the world’s first solar-powered bike lane, electric cars are tremStudy in Eindhovenendously increasing, the authorities are going to ban the sales of diesel-powered cars and on the highways there are crossings for the wildlife living in the forests, the so called ecoducts.

#2 The City to be

Eindhoven is the technological paradise for all those that are passionate about innovation, science, energy, sustainability and mobility and the students are directly enjoying the benefits of this fact. Taking pride of a very significant share of the Dutch economy, Eindhoven is the home of a great number of start-ups and creative industry companies and hosts many prestigious events, exhibitions and conferences that attract more than 3.500.000 guests per year.

#3 Where the light came from

Eindhoven is also known as the City of the Lights as Philips produced the first incandescent light bulb in Eindhoven back in 1891. The city is now strongly connected with the lighting research and GLOW festival, the light and color festival held every autumn, attracts world famous designers and artists. This results to a great cultural life and the students enjoy a fantastic international creative and colourful atmosphere throughout the year.

#4 The University that makes history

A former CEO of Philips and many more reknowed personalities graduated from the Eindhoven University of Technology that lies in the beating technological heart of the Netherlands, Brainport, and is strongly connected with high-tech companies and organisations in the region.

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