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Every four years without fail, the world comes together in an extraordinary event on a global stage!! This year the Football World Cup is being held all across Brazil! The teams have arrived and ready to start! For these 4-5 weeks, each nation stands together to support their football team, idolise their international stars, support Study Abroad World Cup 2014

Reading time estimated at 6-8 minutes Summer is here and its time to make plans if you haven’t already done so and start having fun filled summer season! You’ve just finished your exams for the year and you have just a few weeks of vacation – ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS RELAX! And no 10 THINGS EVERY STUDENT MUST DO THIS SUMMER

How students benefit from our StudyAbroad Webinars!

Monday - March 24, 2014

More than 10,000 of International students have enjoyed the benefits of attending our informative webinars! These webinars are the ultimate way that many Universities and Business School are using to get to you! These StudyAbroad Webinars are online sessions organized by Web2Present, Top Business Schools & leading Universities from all around the world  with the main purpose of informing How students benefit from our StudyAbroad Webinars!

Dear Students, We at Web2Present have ventured into a whole new Webinar area (Webinar = web based informational session). In our Student Webinar series we will bring together, in a virtual environment, Universities/business schools looking for students and young people looking for their next study opportunity abroad. This means that you as a student can We need your feedback!