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tips study abroad

Helmi Kemppainen, a graphic designer from Finland, gives her tips to help you choose the right design study program for you!

Ready to go abroad? Have you purchased your ticket? Your Visa? Set a Budget? Acquired foreign money? Prepared a plan? NO?!?! Then this checklist is for you! Take a deep breath. Follow these 7 suggestions and we can assure you that your StudyAbroad will go just as you planned!  [highlightbold]1. Choose a Destination[/highlightbold] First things first, The Study Abroad Checklist

Students will be bombarded with food, photos and friendly faces encouraging them to go abroad. For most college students in their first or second years, the allure of studying abroad can be intoxicating. That’s because students tend to initially focus on the “abroad” part, a word that conjures up any number of romantic personal impressions STUDYING GUIDE TO STUDY ABROAD

Thousands of young people are flocking to Amsterdam, but what for?? Some of you may already have an idea, but your instincts may prove you wrong! Although Amsterdam is commonly known as the “Weed capital of the world”, this beautiful city has become one of the most popular cities in world for international students to Why is EVERYONE shouting “I AMSTERDAM”?

Guest to Overcoming the Hurdles of Studying Abroad!

Monday - January 27, 2014

This is a guest post by Sabrina Walker. Sabrina Walker serves as an professional academic writer and currently working at mighty research papers agency in USA. She has worked with a varity of different educational companies in order to serve her expertise. How would you feel if you receive your student visa? Happy, Nervous or Guest to Overcoming the Hurdles of Studying Abroad!

Money is a big issue when you want to study abroad…

Thursday - May 16, 2013

So far, we have been introducing to you many Business Schools and Universities offering high standard academic programs … But unfortunately, receiving such a high class education is not exactly the cheapest thing to do. We all know that. And let’s not forget about all the expenses for travelling, renting a flat and of course Money is a big issue when you want to study abroad…

Studying abroad requires a lots of preparation. But what if you have to attend a personal Interview to convince the University of your dreams that they should choose you? How can you differenciate yourself from the other candidates? We have asked former study abroad participants and they are giving you the following advices: Relax! Don´t Study abroad Interview Guide