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Politecnico di Milano Buddy System – helping new international students in their 1st months!

Friday - March 1, 2024

LIFE AS A BUDDY – MARTINA GUARNACCIA : A MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING STUDENT TELLS US ABOUT HER EXPERIENCE AS A BUDDY After you have spend months researching where to study, through online research, Webinars/ blogs (like these!) etc. finally it is time to move abroad. But then suddenly your excitement can turn to nerves, obstacles and Politecnico di Milano Buddy System – helping new international students in their 1st months!

Reading time estimated at 6-8 minutes Summer is here and its time to make plans if you haven’t already done so and start having fun filled summer season! You’ve just finished your exams for the year and you have just a few weeks of vacation – ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS RELAX! And no 10 THINGS EVERY STUDENT MUST DO THIS SUMMER

Thousands of young people are flocking to Amsterdam, but what for?? Some of you may already have an idea, but your instincts may prove you wrong! Although Amsterdam is commonly known as the “Weed capital of the world”, this beautiful city has become one of the most popular cities in world for international students to Why is EVERYONE shouting “I AMSTERDAM”?

The beginning of any new semester is always exciting to any student. Fall semester is a new opportunity to reclaim some of the mistakes you made on spring semester. Each new semester brings a stark realization that free time and sleep are a luxury, and responsibilities seem never-ending. Here are some advices to start this semester Start fall semester on the right foot!

Dear Students, We at Web2Present have ventured into a whole new Webinar area (Webinar = web based informational session). In our Student Webinar series we will bring together, in a virtual environment, Universities/business schools looking for students and young people looking for their next study opportunity abroad. This means that you as a student can We need your feedback!