Studying at St. Peter’s College- University of Oxford

Tuesday - August 26, 2014

St. Peter’s College- University of Oxford

Why choose St Peter’s?

1. Diversity, tolerance and an open community.

St. Peter’s college admits over a hundred undergraduates each year, fifty postgraduates, and about twenty visiting students who spend their year abroad, making their student body of nearly five hundred students.

2. Excellence in tutors and wide range of study courses

St. Peter’s college has excellent tutors, and offers a wide range of Oxford’s courses. The tutorial teaching system allows their students and tutors to work closely together.

3. Central location

With such a  central location, most departments, libraries, shops, social facilities and the railway station are only a few minutes away.

4. Extra-curricular activities

The college offers a wide range of non-academic activities such as an active Common Room, a student-run bar, an excellent choir, and frequent visiting speakers, in addition to frequent trips to the city visiting local sites

5. Scholarships and student finance

St. Peter’s college offers an ‘Oxford’ education to students with limited financial means and provides access to extensive welfare and financial support, in addition to their active outreach programme.

Interested in learning more about courses, application procedures, and want a chance to interact with St. Peter’s college directly? Then the best way to find out more about the college is to attend an online open day. Ask some of your personalised questions and inquiries about study courses, online applications, scholarships and more. Click here to register!


St Peter’s College’s Visiting Student programme is offering the opportunity to top students from universities around the world to spend one academic year in Oxford and enjoy the fantastic learning experience that the college and the university offer.