Study without tuition fees Automotive Technology at the Danish Academy of Business and Technology

Friday - February 21, 2014

automotive dcania

The Automotive Technology programme teaches you to deal with technical tasks in the automotive industry, in garages and in racing teams..

You learn to use the most advanced mechanical and electronic automotive systems, both in connection with error finding and fine tuning of a car and its engine. The programme provides knowledge of conditions that affect a garage or a car importer including finance and management.

automotive-x-prize-5On the Automotive Technology programme you will learn to run diagnostics on the integrated and complementary components of automotive technology. You will learn to use the newest technologies and methods in the field of racing.

This will provide you with knowledge of how mechanical and electronic adjustments can optimise car performance. You will also learn about communication, planning, finance and management. The programme will allow you to sharpen your professional profile.

Register here to join our informative webinar. During this webinar you will learn more about the bachelors programme in general. We will provide you with details regarding the studies without tuition fees, the academic program & the student life in Denmark.

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