Study in Germany’s biggest university city: Berlin!

Tuesday - May 19, 2015

Berlin, at more than nine times the size of Paris, is a cosmopolitan city which lots of international students choose to study in because it’s full of alternative boutiques, innovative art, rich history and vibrant night life.

Germany is one of the strongest economies not only in Europe but in the whole world, so it makes it a great place to study for your master’s degree and specialize, for example, in International Management. Furthermore, German degrees are recognized all over the world for their academic and professional quality.


Berlin is the most multicultural city in Germany. Its 3.5 million inhabitants include over 470,000 residents with foreign passports. People from over 184 nations are long-term residents in the city, so you won’t feel out of place! And with 175 museums, Berlin is said to have more museums than rainy days, you’ll have tons of things to do!

Besides, with the new Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Central Station), the city has become a proper central rail hub for the first time in its history – and the largest in Europe, so you won’t have any trouble to travel around Germany and discover the wonders of Europe! With four universities, four art schools and ten technical colleges, and around 134,000 students, Berlin is Germany’s biggest university city. In addition there are around 130 non-university research facilities.

Learning internationally is one of the core principles of 750526-berlin-wallpaperEBC Hochschule and it’s reflected in their internationalization strategy. EBC Hochschule believes that studying a master in a foreign institution enables students to reflect their academic study in a different language and work on a specialized subject in a different academic culture.

Students who choose to study abroad get to know the host country, its customs, move their foreign language towards proficiency, and build up a network of international contacts. All this not only is a desired “side-effect” of a master abroad, but also an integral part of the individual student’s experience far from their home country. After all, EBC Hochschule would like their students to have one thing for sure: a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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