Do you know how different the Asian business culture is from yours?

Wednesday - April 6, 2016

In recent decades, China has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Many companies are investing in China and currently there are a lot of employment opportunities for people trained in Chinese language and culture.
For that reason, studying business in China, knowing how to do busines, being connected to the business community and knowing how to handle its problems are very good skills.

These are some examples of Chinese business practices that you need to take into account for a successful negotiation:

  • Punctuality: In China, lateness or cancellation is a serious affront, it’s very important to be punctual, not only for business meetings, but for social occasions as well.
  • Be patient: Expect to make several trips to China before negotiations are final. Learn to listen more and speak less. The Chinese are very cautious in business matters, and will expect to build a strong relationships before they close a deal.
  • Don’t set artificial deadlines; control your emotions: Chinese will drag out negotiations well beyond the deadines just to gain an advantage. They may try to renegotiate everything on the final day of your visit, and they will continue to try for a better deal even after the contract is signed.
  • Avoid exaggerated gestures: Chinese do not use their hands when speaking and become distracted by a speaker who does. They don’t like to be touched by people they don’t know, specially older people or people in important positions.
  • Conservative dress: For business men should wear conservative suits, shirts and ties. Woman should wear conservative suits, high necked blouses and low heels. Loud colors are not appropiate.

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