Study for a Master´s Degree in three different European countries

Wednesday - February 24, 2016

The Master in Advanced European and International Studies (MAEIS) at CIFE (centre international de formation européene) is a one year inter-disciplinary program that gives students the opportunity to study in three different European destinations, Nice, Canterbury and Berlin and offers the opportunity to study in other countries as well. The Master´s course only admits 30 students and offers a 3 month internship once students have completed the course. CIFE is an international institute of private higher education which offers Master programs in European studies and international relations and was established in 1954 in Nice, France.

The MAEIS program admits students from all fields of study including: Economics, Political Science, History, Languages and also students with backgrounds in Engineering, the Arts and Natural Sciences. The course looks to prepare students for professional life by liaising with international organizations, European institutions and other key players in the European political environment. High-ranking civil servants, diplomats, and experts contribute to the teaching and acquaint the students with their daily work patterns in these organizations. Upon completion of the course, students will be in contact with organizations which may be able to offer the main internship after the end of the academic year. Simulations which replicate negotiations in international institutions help prepare the students in a concrete way for their future work.



The Master´s has a reputation of being an educational institute that has contacts with some of Europe´s top institutions. In fact CIFE is one out of six institutes that receives special support from the European Union, the support for specified institutions pursuing an aim of European interest. Next to the European Union, CIFE is also supported by different international organizations, numerous national governments as well as regional and local authorities, foundations, and private contributors. This gives the university a great reputation for placing students in top quality internship roles and the university has a high employment rate that makes this a top class Master´s program.

If you would like to learn more about the Master´s in Advanced European and International Studies at CIFE then sign up for the free webinar on the 20th of April 2016. During the webinar you will about CIFE´s partners, the University of Kent (Canterbury) and the Institut für Europäische Politik (Berlin) the course structure,  the admissions process and all about the 3 month internship in a European Institution. To register for the webinar simply fill out the form below: [wufoo username=”web2present” formhash=”z1i61q3a0dyq6jw” autoresize=”true” height=”516″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]