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Study exact sciences in Sweden – the European science pinnacle

Friday - September 29, 2017

Sweden… the country which gave the world ABBA, Ikea and world’s safest car – Volvo… once a great empire incorporating all Scandinavia and Northern Europe, Sweden has always been an important nation with a big role in the global scale of things! But who would have thought Sweden is one of the leading European countries with regards to Science and Engineering? With one of the most well-established educational systems in the world, it actually is! Now let’s see exactly why one should study exact sciences in Sweden!

Great, modern university facilities!

Study exact sciences in SwedenEducation is what drives a nation forward and the Swedes know it. That is why they’ve been investing a lot in education over the past couple decades. And university facilities make no exception! With majority of Swedish Applied Science university campuses looking like some ‘UFO’s’ landed on Earth, being enrolled in one of the technical courses will feel like you are driving a spaceship! As resourceful institutions, all university premises, lecture rooms and especially laboratories! are extremely well equipped, giving a feeling that students really are respected and appreciated.

Amazing employment prospects after graduation!

Study exact sciences in SwedenThe average entry level job salary for a recent Bachelor’s graduate with no experience is around SEK 30,000 (which is around €3,131) per month! Not bad at all for starters, right? Imagine if you were a bit more qualified, with some work experience and some postgraduate education in your ‘pocket’ – opportunities are skyrocketing! And dear God, there’s plenty, as Scandinavia is on its way to becoming Northern Europe’s Research and Development HUB!

The Nordic mentality!

Study exact sciences in SwedenSweden is a country that WORKS. Why? Because their roots are originally Viking, and since Scandinavia is not at all globally renowned to have the greatest weather conditions, so they had to fight for their survival. So because of that, over centuries, Swedes have become a people of precision and accuracy. Sweden is overall an extremely well-organised and structured country where the system actually works – a unique advantage to be living in such a culture.

Build the future before it replaces you

Study exact sciences in SwedenThis may sound a bit confusing, right? What we mean is there is a recent rise in the amount of Artificial Intelligence (AI) being created across the world. A lot of algorithms are being generated these days, with the purpose of easing human labour in all fields. Eventually, this will end up in eliminating the need for human labour for good. Although a vicious circle, I wouldn’t it be better to be the puppet master when this happens rather than the puppet? Studying exact sciences in Sweden would definitely help you with that ?

Ultimately, it’s about bettering the world

Study exact sciences in SwedenThe world nowadays has reached a peak in human development. It is all due to a series of discoveries and inventions over the past several centuries. However, what do they all have in common? SCIENCE. There is no lie in firmly arguing that we wouldn’t be where we are right now without science. Science is the engine of innovation, thus by being able to learn, perfect and ultimately practice it is what drives the world forward. That is what can be achieved by studying exact sciences in Sweden.

Online Open Days

And guess what – we’ve got just the right thing for you if you want to study exact sciences in Sweden! Have a look now at our webinars for example from Mälardalen University, on topics like Analytical Finance (Bachelor’s), Financial Engineering (Master’s) or Engineering Mathematics (Master’s)!