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To succeed in today’s creative industry, you must have certain knowledge of technology.

Over time, technology has provided artists with new tools to express themselves.
Today, art and technology are interrelated more than ever, with technology being a fundamental force in the development and evolution of art.

Musicians, visual artists, film-makers and designers are creating new human experiences, new art forms are evolving, art is becoming less and less static, taking up many new different shapes.

Centre of Arts and technology

The Centre for Arts and Technology in Canada is one of the top audio engineering, film, animation, fashion design, interior design, and photography schools in Canada.

The Centre for Arts and Technology offer different programs that bring industry-leading talent into the classroom as professors and connect students with real-world projects alongside businesses and organizations in the community.

Go ahead and study in a school where you will learn industry secrets from the industry experts, succeed is guaranteed and graduates are highly employable while also seeing the world in a new way.

Students will be prepared for a changing world, where technologies evolve, but smart thinking is always demanded.

Join the free webinar to know more about these benefits and how this Centre of Arts and Technology will help you succeed! The webinar takes place on February 12th.

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