Every four years without fail, the world comes together in an extraordinary event on a global stage!! This year the Football World Cup is being held all across Brazil! The teams have arrived and ready to start!

For these 4-5 weeks, each nation stands together to support their football team, idolise their international stars, support their promising youth players and most importantly claim the right become “Champions of the World“.

Despite the competitive spirit of the game, the true nature of the tournament is to remind the world’s citizens that “We are one” and rejoice in our difference and uniqueness. Pitbull’s new single, composed especially to capture this element, shows us that we’re all one!

World Cup song (2014) “We are one (Ole Ola)”

Ole Ola!!

Let us know in the comments who you will be supporting in the football world cup in brazil and who you think will win the title of “World Champion 2014” Surely not Brazil… Can they claim their 6th trophy? The winner of this tournament will get a dedicated blog about Studying abroad in that country! 

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