Study Abroad Webinar: Learn about new business and management at the Pisa MBA

Wednesday - June 17, 2015

The International MBA from the University of Pisa, established in 1343, is completely held in English and is thought to be the perfect combination between learning and developing the right management skills that one needs for being competitive in the international context. The program gives a wide to interact with students coming from all around the world and with different professors/managers from several foreign Universities/Business Schools and Company network.

What makes this 1 year MBA special? The program itself is innovative and interactive. The University of Pisa offers courses such as entrepreneurship, new business and emerging economiesthat will help you develop business skills. At the same time, student will engage in practical activities, business games, applications projects and field projects developed with companies. 

The University of Pisa will also help you find an internship with the companies that collaborate with the university.

Learn about new business and managementJoin this Webinar and find out all the benefits of studying in a really international University!

When: July 1st, 2015 at 15:00h London/ 16:00h Roma/ 10:00h New York City/ 22:00h Shanghai

Who should attend: Professionals who would like to upgrade their professional career in Business and Management.

What: Discover all the details about this International MBA from the prestigious University of Pisa.

Speakers: Meet Giulio Greco, Program Director, Meir Russ, MBA Professor in Management, and Claudio Lamaccha, alumni from the University of Pisa.

During this webinar you will discover:

  • The advantages of doing 1-year  MBA
  • The internationality of the class and of the faculty
  • Courses provided to understand the new trend in the global markets.
  • The importance of attending a qualified MBA for own professional career and the company network
  • The advantages of Pisa University and our academic tradition and excellence

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