Why study abroad in Shanghai – a global hotspot

Thursday - November 16, 2017

Good day ladies and gents! Hope everything is going great and you are amazing in all aspects of your lives, because we are bringing to you the hottest topic with regards to international education and especially studying abroad in a country and implicitly a city like no other on the planet. Yes, you’ve guessed it right – SHANGHAI, CHINA! This blog comes as a special dedication for our dear readers, as it is more than just a blog. It is the written confession of someone who has physically been there and loved it who is now sharing why anyone should study abroad in Shanghai. Let’s being, shall we? ?

Largest city the world!

Why study abroad in ShanghaiLiterally. It’s HUUUGE! Not just by the number of population (circa 25 million souls), but by area too! Urban legends say that in order for someone to cross the city from north to south by car they would need around 6 hours!!! to do it (considering the traffic and everything). Seriously, it’s breath-taking how enormous it is. That only means one thing – opportunities. Being such a developed, international city signifies that jobs are easily findable – even for foreigners, so why not give it a try? ?

Why study abroad in ShanghaiMost important business hub in Asia

Ever heard of the Shanghai Stock Exchange?  It is the Wall Street of Asia – the most important stock market on the Asian continent. Thus, as a very powerful business hub, Shanghai is definitely the place where you’d like to be in order to really feel on top of things when it comes to your international education. Business is moving East each day that passes, as China is becoming (if not already?) world’s number 1 superpower, so trust me – you really want to be closer to the centre of the action.

Why study abroad in ShanghaiAffordable living costs

Yes, China is (STILL!) cheap and affordable. Especially for foreign students. Considering the fact that literally everything is made there, it’s only obvious for the stuff inside the country to be cheap too! With an overall cost of living ranked 327th out of 522 cities worldwide, Shanghai is definitely a good choice for international students to get their study abroad experience.

Why study abroad in ShanghaiAmazing travel hub around Asia

Indeed it is! Hosting 2 ginormous international airports, Shanghai is extremely well connected with the whole world and especially with the other countries. By serving almost 70 million passengers worldwide and more than 200 destinations, Pudong International is the 5th busiest international is Asia! In other words, any place in Asia will be yours for the taking!

Why study abroad in ShanghaiObvious contrast between modern and old

Shanghai is for sure a city of extremes. While skyscrapers proudly touch the morning clouds, thousand-old pagodas greatly preserve the ancient China’s atmosphere within the city. A reminder of the old times and how people used to live with so little.

Online Open Days

Shanghai is without doubt an awesome travel and study abroad place for that matter. It is an inspirational city worth seeing. What better way than studying abroad there? Have a look for example at upcoming online open day for the prestigious Shanghai university of Fudan and be one step closer to your dream study abroad experience!