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Studying abroad requires a lots of preparation. But what if you have to attend a personal Interview to convince the University of your dreams that they should choose you? How can you differenciate yourself from the other candidates?

We have asked former study abroad participants and they are giving you the following advices:

Relax! Don´t stress! Show who you are as a person, not just your academic achievements.

Dress appropiately! Women should wear dress pants or a skirt and a nice top. Men should wear dress pants and a dress shirt. A tie is recommended, but not required.

Sound and appear enthousiastic! The director is looking for students who are excited about this opportunity.

Body language! Maintain eye contact and introduce yourself with a firm hand-shake. Make sure you have good posture!

Make sure you are informed! Show that you have researched the program and prepared for the interview.

Interview Guide for Study Abroad

Further, you should think about the following frequent questions and prepare your answers:

Why did you choose this program?

* Hint: Demonstrate that you have researched the program and provide specific examples for why you chose this program over other similar ones.

How will this program fit with your academic plans?

* Hint: Will you still be able to graduate in four years? Have you talked it over with your advisor? What common curriculum courses will you be able to take abroad? Are there any language requirements you can fulfill?

Describe yourself.

*Hint: This can catch you off guard. Have adjectives and examples prepared.

How do you contribute to a group?

* Hint: Demonstrate flexibility. Can you both lead and follow? Show your engagement and willingness to be part of a group/team.

What do you expect to get out of this experience?

* Hint: Do you think your time abroad will give you a new perspective of yourself and your own culture/country? What do you expect to learn? How will this experience enhance your future career?

How do you envision spending your free time while abroad? * Hint: Do not just say ‘travel’. Demonstrate that you are interested in getting to know your host-city/country. Maybe provide examples of specific sites you hope to visit.

What are your drinking habits and how might they affect your experience abroad? *Hint:: Be honest. Demonstrate that you know your limits and that you understand what responsible drinking is. If you have violations, say how you have learned from your mistakes.

What do you know about the host country? *Hint: Research. Discuss any important current events taking place in your host nation or any famous places you hope to visit.

What skills, strengths, and characteristics make you a strong applicant? * Hint: Provide specific examples.

How will you positively represent CSB/SJU while abroad? *Hint:: Stress responsibility and respect for your host country and culture.

What do you expect out of your faculty director? *Hint:: Have questions prepared to ask them.

We hope our hints&tips help you to study what really motivates you! Prepared? Go for it!

Source: Student Guide