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Study 4-year Medical Doctor degree from an international (WDOMS) institution at 1/3rd cost of other private schools!

Wednesday - May 1, 2024

This is a webinar transcript from the session that took place on April 30th, which you can watch here:

In this session, we’ll delve into the four-year medical degree available at IUHS, an international institution. Over the next 45 minutes, we’ll explore the program in detail. I’m Luuk Mulling, your moderator for today’s session.

Before we proceed with our lineup of speakers from IUHS and alumni, let me explain the interactive options available. In the chat, share your location. We also encourage you to ask questions using the panel at the bottom right. Additionally, we’ll have polling questions to tailor the presentation. Lastly, there’s a React button at the bottom for more interaction.

Now, let’s introduce our speakers. Wendy Kolanovic, the Marketing and Alumni Coordinator, Holly Kimball, a first-year student, and Kevin Fitzgerald, an IUHS graduate practicing medicine.

Wendy, could you briefly introduce yourself and the program?

Hi, I’m Wendy Kolonovic from Croatia. I’ve been with IUHS for four years.

Holly, could you share a bit about your experience and location?

I’m Holly Kimball from Ohio, USA, currently in my second year while working as a nurse practitioner at night.

Kevin, tell us about your journey after IUHS.

I graduated in 2013 and went into family medicine. Now, I run my own practice in Florida.

Now, Wendy will walk us through the program and insights.

Thank you, everyone, for joining us. Our MD program is four years long, with options to extend if needed. We also offer a pre-med program for those who need additional preparation. At IUHS, we provide hybrid education, combining online learning with mentorship and clinical training.

Holly, could you explain the problem-based curriculum?

It involves virtual patient cases where we diagnose and find solutions collaboratively with professors.

Thank you for the explanation. Our global university offers flexibility and affordability, with students and staff worldwide.

That’s a glimpse of our program and methods. We’re here to answer your questions and provide more insights.

Also one of the amazing things about IHS is some of our lecturers. Most of them because they’re all working at top-tier universities. They come from a variety of places. Some of them have been researchers for decades and have a wealth of knowledge. Some of them are Kaplan lecturers, some of them are published authors. So we really just picked the best teaching staff for you so that you can have a comparable and best level of education that you can get.

And these are some of the top reasons that we hear from students of why they chose IUHS, not just the affordability factor. And so I’d like to ask Holly, back when you were applying and searching for medical schools, what made you choose IUHS?

So when I was first looking, I actually spent a long time kind of stewing on it, mostly because everyone’s familiar with the traditional route. And so this was a very new route for me. And I wanted to, you know, everyone has questions when something is new presented to them. So I was really trying to get all my questions answered. And I had communications with Paige, numerous times and she was excellent with answering every single question I had and she was very patient with every single question I had.

Yeah, pages are friendly admissions director. Yeah, she’s fabulous and it made me feel much more comfortable in my decision and ultimately it came down to the fact that, as you mentioned earlier, I have a very busy home life. I’m a mom. I have kids that I tend to. I still work. And I wanted to be able to reach my goal without having to kind of uproot myself away from my family and my life that I’ve already been established in. And this program really lets me do that. At least right now, for these first few years, I can be at home going to my classes, doing my studies, doing my homework. If I need to have quiet time, I can go into my home office or I can go to the library. And I can still tend to my kids. I can still work. I will say that, you know, the program is rigorous. So, you know, if you’re able to adjust your working hours, it’s a good idea. But it’s not necessary. It’s still doable. So when I made my decision, just the communications with admissions and getting my questions answered and the flexibility that the program offered. I had talked with students that are now ahead of me that are still active and they had nothing but great things to say as well. And so it kind of just all came together that I felt it was the right fit for me and where I wanted to be and where I’m at currently.

Amazing and we do find that there are a lot of students like yourself who are changing careers or just leveling up from their nursing degree or whatever it may be in the allied health professions and just moving across and they can find that they can still do what you do. So it’s amazing to hear that you are able to do that. And what about you, Kevin, when you were applying way back? What were the reasons that brought you to IUHS?

Yeah, so kind of similar thing. It’s a little bit of a funny story. I was a respiratory therapist when I met my wife. And when we got married, I started PA school. I finished PA school and about a year after practicing as a PA, I told her that I wanted to be a physician. And she said that if I can. I can find a program that I don’t have a big debt coming out of, which she thought was going to be impossible because she didn’t want me to go to medical school. Well, I found IUHS and here we are. But the same thing that Holly said, calling and talking to the, you know, a page for sure. Dr. Mary and so forth, they guided you through, made you feel comfortable that this was going and then talking to students that were going through. You know, obviously, there’s a concern. You want to make sure that you can get licensed in the place that you want to live. And it was just and I know it’s I know it’s scary because there are some bad actors out there. But this is here I am. I graduated in 2013 and and I’ve talked to students before I started that. Yeah. And the program was amazing. And just like they said, the professors are, they teach at the big universities. They are highly acclaimed. So you’re getting the same education for quite a bit less. And I mean, it’s not a joke. When I went to residency, there was seven of us at that program. And I was, you know, I had zero debt and those guys were leaving residency at about four to five hundred thousand dollars of debt just to start off. And so, yeah, you start to make a little bit more money when you become a physician. But if you’re in that much debt, it’s a tough hole to crawl out of.

Yeah, absolutely. I think that’s something that’s becoming increasingly important to a lot of people, especially considering the cost of education these days and the debt burden that many students face after graduating. So being able to find a program that provides quality education but also is more affordable can be really life-changing for many people.

View the whole interactive webinar here:

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