In this uncertain period regarding traveling and world health it is very understandable that you might have questions or doubts regarding your future and education. However, it is now more important than ever to make the right choices. This also counts for making the right study choices, as your choice for the right study abroad still be a priority. This blog is here to help you make the best decision for your next study abroad!

In case you are interested in Engineering courses in Earth, living and environmental sciences for example, then ask yourself why you should not start your study abroad in Bretagne, France? As UniLaSalle in Bretagne, France has a lot to offer and provides three very different campuses for each kind of lifestyle in Beauvais, Rouen and Rennes.

Is American styled campus your way to go with associative life and forever lasting friendship? The Beauvais campus offers it all! Located in a rural and wooded environment, the Beauvais campus is an American-style campus.

Or are you looking for an international and urban atmosphere? Then the Rouen campus is the perfect fit for you! With its location in the heart of Mont-Saint-Aignan which is 15 minutes from the center of the largest student city in Normandy you will definitely not be disappointed by its diverse and unique atmosphere.

UniLaSalles’ third campus: Rennes combines dynamism of student life with a privileged environment of the campus that counts over 6,000 students! Chances of not liking anyone here are not on the table.

French leader in the field of Life and Earth sciences, UniLaSalle offers Engineering courses in Earth, living and environmental sciences from geology to food and health, from agronomy to the environmental performance of companies, you will find a wide choice of specializations at the heart of global challenges.

UniLaSalle is now recruiting new international students for their programs:

International sustainable agribusiness and food engineering; which is available for Bachelor as well Master.

Other Master possibilities at UniLaSalle include:

– Master: urban agriculture and green cities;

– Master: Agriculture food and data management;

– Master: sustainable management and eco-innovation.

Check out the free webinars, join a session, ask questions and get informed! And if this is not exactly your choice yet, do check out all the other free webinars you can find on all types of study-programmes:

Good luck!