Specialize in Computing and Design at iAcademy

Thursday - February 25, 2016

iACADEMY in The Philippines is a private, non-sectarian educational institution located in Makati City in The Philippines. iAcademy is renowned for its speciality course in Business, Computing and Design. The university offers an undergraduate program specializing in BS Computer Science with specialization in Software Engineering, BS Animation, BS Game Programming and Design, and BA Multimedia Art as well as undergraduate programs in BA Multimedia Arts and Design and a BA in Fashion Design and Technology.

iACADEMY’s status as the first IBM Center of Execellence (CoE) in the ASEAN region and being an official Microsoft Training Center in The Philippines, make iACADEMY one of the country’s hubs for technology-focused learning. Each undergraduate program offers a 6-month internship program, ensuring that students get relevant education in the field of computing so that they can hit the ground running upon completion of their studies. The university has some of the top university professors to provide the best education as well as the programs that prepare students in the digital manipulation of data and computer-generated imagery to create both practical and attractive interfaces for a wide-range of applications.

Living in The Philippines give students an opportunity to live in a great place and Makati City is the central business district of the Philippines, as it is most popularly known, and it also hosts the top businesses in the country. The leaders of the economic growth in The Philippines are located in the heart of the city. Booming industries have popped up and settled in this district, making Makati famous for leading the country’s economy. Makati has the hippest clubs with parties until the sun comes up at dawn as well as great shopping malls and a relatively cheap cost of life. Students will not be at a loss for exciting things to do as well as having a wide choice of restaurants to eat at, including fine dining and the famous street stalls serving delicious Filipino treats.

If you are interested in studying any of the above undergraduate programs at iAcademy then be sure to sign up for the webinar on the 21st of April 2016. The webinar will be hosted by Renz Fajardo who is the Admissions Manager and Raquel Perez who is the VP for CorpComm. During the webinar you will be learning about the admissions process, the course structure, the internship and the universities procedures. To register for the event just fill out the form below: [wufoo username=”web2present” formhash=”zompd7o141klgi” autoresize=”true” height=”585″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]