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Singapore Management University – Asia’s business experts

Friday - June 15, 2018

Good day ladies and gentlemen and welcome to a brand-new ‘episode’ of The Study Abroad Blog ‘Saga’! Hope everything’s been fine since the last time we e-met, because today I’m bringing you Singapore Management University as a peek, a summit really of education in Business. Considered by many the best school of business in Asia, Singapore Management University definitely hits the spot when it comes to exquisite business courses. But let’s discover together this educational marvel called Singapore Management University!

Fastest-growing economy in Asia!

Singapore Management UniversityFirstly, a little bit of background about the city-country of Singapore. Up until around 50 years ago, Singapore used to be just another British colony out there. But then they got their independence and things really started to change for the little country of Singapore. Due to collective hard work, persistence and determination, they managed to build a country desired by many. Nowadays, Singapore is an international business hub, with lots of cultures and customs from all over the world. Somehow, they all manage to live together in harmony and grow a country.


High quality business courses

Singapore Management UniversitySingapore Management University teaches and trains students of all levels, be it Bachelor’s, MSc, MBA or even PhD’s in Business. But what differentiates Singapore Management University from other schools of business in the world? Good question, right? Well, basically it’s about dynamism. Singapore Management University perfectly blends together academia, research and industry expertise. In other words, the University caters for all student needs, offering the complete package when it comes to education in the field of Business and Management.


Number 1 Business School in Asia!

Singapore Management UniversityOne interesting fact about the Singapore Management University is that it is less than 20 years old! Yet, that didn’t stop the University from becoming a pioneer school in the field of business. As a matter of fact, since business is currently moving East, it has earned itself quite a reputation among the prestigious international business school on the Globe. The institution has already been awarded two of the most wanted accreditations for a reputed international business school – Association to Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business and European Quality Improvement System. In a nutshell, alumni do not struggle to find a job after graduation because their degree guarantees them a great executive position.

Midpoint of Southern Asia!

Singapore Management UniversitySingapore Management University is located in the heart of Singapore. Which is, at its turn situated at the midpoint of Southern Asia. What does that imply? That everything is within a couple hour-long flight from the Singapore Changi (International) Airport! And by everything I mean all Asian countries and even Australia and New Zealand! In other words studying at Singapore Management University is not just about long hours in the lecture rooms, but also an amazing chance of visiting the East!

Scholarships available

Singapore Management UniversityAs a higher education institution that really cares about their students, Singapore Management University does offer financial help to students that are interested in actually making a difference in the World. Are you one of those? Then why not check out if you fit the profile here: