This post is about shit my now 3-year old son says. It winks to the original ´shit my dady says´ tweets from comedian Justin Halpern.

First of all from pretty much being a baby it was clear our boy (M) was remarkably awake, observing and yes rebellious.. Although I am of course a proud father he´s a handful of daily work. I guess most dad´s of 3-year olds say that but judging neutrally he´s really just more energetic, alert and rebellious than pretty much his whole class, even the school play-yard. Important to note is that he grows up in Barcelona, Spain i.e. speaks mainly Spanish, stemming from Spanish (Catalan) and Dutch parents.

Anyway here´s a listing of some things he says (or does/ not):

  • For his 2nd birthday he received a gift from the neighbour.. but he didn´t seem to like it very much and went to the door to return it..
  • I sang Dutch kid-song ´Poesje miauw´ (kitty cat miauws).. M repeating ´pussy, pussy´..
  • M: ´Que hacemos hoy?´ Vamos al cole. M: ´Ah otra vez, ya voy tanto!´ (What do we do today? School. Again? I already go so much!)
  • M heard once word ´Putada´ (literally whore)and kept repeating. In effort to discontinue it we told off and ignored.. now for months he says all kinds of variations.. ´putang´, ´putol´ (es mi amigo), ´tjaweaprabaputada´…
  • ’Papa, go to my room, I will be here alone with mama’.
  • M inquiring for the newspaper at a Chinese owned bar and didn’t understand him.. makes face and says ’he’s a bit stupid’
  • At 10 pm M couldn’t sleep and calls us ’ I am bored in my bed’