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Maybe you’ve heard before that “doing an MBA is overrated”. The truth regarding this controversy is that there are many different opinions out there exposed by successful business professionals, others not that successful, leaders, teachers, students, professionals who have earned their MBA and professionals who haven’t.

Do you think that it’s a cliché that an MBA gives to professionals better career opportunities? higher salaries? new skill and knowledge acquisition?

Doing an MBA is not overrated

I totally agree with some thoughts from people with a point of view different than mine; but to do a more logical reasoning on this controversial topic, I consider that those thoughts are a bit extremists. For example the following ideas:

“One of the biggest reasons that MBA grads fail to perform is because they often don’t have enough practical experience. Most business schools rely on outmoded teaching methods and do not afford students an opportunity for practical experience.”

This is true at certain point; but, one of the most common mistakes that MBA’s aspirants commit is doing an MBA intermediately after graduating from their Bachelor’s Degree. These aspirants are not putting into practice all what they learned in their Bachelor’s Degree, so much knowledge, 0 experience. All these bad decisions are reflected after these students graduate from an MBA and they expect to start working immediately as managers or they expect to obtain higher salaries.

“Business schools may be unsuccessful in creating curricula that help their students face the challenges of the business world, but the schools themselves are models of business success.”

Few years ago, didn’t exist so many Business School in the world, but suddenly seems to be true that anyone can start a Business School. This thought is true, some business schools are just another model of Business. These Business Schools have forgot what truly represent a business school, focusing more in obtaining more benefits, than in what their students learn in the programme.

My personal point of view regarding this thought is that anyone who is thinking on doing an MBA should start by doing an exhausted research on Business Schools, faculty, Alumni, etc… Doing this research will help MBA aspirants to make a better decision regarding the Business School that they are planning to choose. I dare to say that more than 50% of MBA graduates who didn’t do an exhausted research before choosing the Business School, ended dissatisfied with the MBA programme and with the Business School.

“Doing an MBA degree doesn’t help you succeed.”

Earning an MBA won’t put on a golden plate the best job offer or the highest salary. After earning your MBA, you’ve got the knowledge, now it’s your decision to think what’s next. Success is connected with action and determination.

I’m a truly believer that doing an MBA open doors & create new opportunities for those who dare to pursue an MBA. I believe that is better to do something than to stay with the arms crossed. I believe that if you’re considering to do an MBA it has to be, because you already feel that you need to update your knowledge or that you need to upgrade your career. Don’t do an MBA just because there’s nothing more to do, or because suddenly everybody is doing an MBA or because you think that if an MBA degree is not included in your CV you are not good enough. Do an MBA when you feel prepared; I assure you that the results will be impressive.

Doing an MBA is not overrated 2