Pushing boundaries in Finland at Oulu University

Wednesday - September 5, 2018

Finland… a country that has been ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world due to their overall stability. Consider, for instance, the feeling of being happy and obtaining a high quality of life and education. In this article I will give you a closer look at beautiful Finland and the strategy of Oulu University that will contribute to your knowledge and a rising wealthy world:

The title of the article might give you hundreds of thoughts and push you into the boundary of wanting to explore the Finish nature that meets outdoor lifestyle and technological innovation at universities. Sporting activities are popular in and outside universities in Finland, as a part of leisure time. Including walking, cycling, jogging, hiking, swimming and skiing. Let’s explore for yourself ꓼ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIKzsFd7z9g

International students seeking to enroll in a university in Finland must know that academic freedom is an important aspect. Schedules are not exactly fixed in comparison to other countries. One is independent to arrange its schedule and courses in a way that fits, wants and needs. Small groups of students, low hierarchy and equality contribute to the study skills of students with different educational backgrounds.

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Oulu University is an example of those universities, ranked as one of the best universities in Finland and possesses a place in the top 400 world-wide. The university aims to ‘’build research environments with critical mass, high ambition and strong international networks.’’ The university does this by providing higher education based on research. In addition, the pass rate of Oulu University remains the highest in Finland. Offering degree programs with well-structured placement opportunities to promote internalization.