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Providing Cyber Security training to Staff: a Practical Guide

Thursday - April 14, 2022

In decades gone by, people associated padlocks, cameras, and electric fences with security measures that could good an effective job at helping to protect and keep your business safe and secure. However, many threats to the security and welfare of your business in 2022 come from computers and online sources. As a result, managers and business owners need to ensure that staff undergo adequate cyber security training courses. Find out more in this practical guide we’ve come up with on providing cyber security training to staff.

eLearning Training Programmes From Reliable Providers

You can do many things as a business in house, such as onboarding, recruitment, HR, administration, and accounting. However, providing your staff with trustworthy cyber security training in house can be tricky if you don’t have your own cyber security specialist with extensive knowledge of how to train others to an optimal level on the subject.

It could be better to find an external provider to give your staff in-depth e-learning courses on cyber security that equip them as professionals for all the pitfalls of the cyber world today. Read here to find out more about the WahooLearning Learning Management System platform and how your employees can access it to expand their understanding of vital issues like cyber security.

Employees Must Stay Up To Date On Cyber Threats

Much like real-life viruses or bugs that can mutate and change over time, cyber-based viruses such as malware, spyware, and so on also do the same. This means that it gets more challenging to detect pesky cyber security threats as time goes by.

Of course, you can put up a sturdy firewall system as a company. Yet, unfortunately, these days, many viruses are smart enough to know how to get around firewalls and still cause damage to your business’s computer systems. Try and ensure your staff receive training at regular intervals that allows them to stay entirely up to date on cyber security issues and be aware of the latest threats and how they can adequately deal with them.

Employees Should Be Careful When Handling Paperwork

Vital information about cyber security and online passwords, and so on are, sometimes written down on paper. Therefore, staff must be careful about how they handle such items of necessary paperwork. Remind staff about shredding paperwork they deal with in the office and not putting client information into public bins.

For instance, you’d be shocked at the lengths that cybercriminals go to access important private pieces of information these days. Although a lot of important information is stored online, your staff still needs to be aware of the consequences of being careless with essential items of paperwork.

Ensure Your Staff Stay Vigilant On Cyber Security

One of the key pillars behind your staff adhering to the basics of cyber security is for them to remain vigilant. For instance, they are coming up with hard to guess passwords instead of creating ones that are overly obvious and easy for potential hackers to guess without breaking a sweat.

Staff must also be informed about how to store confidential information safely on a computer system. Failure to do so could lead cybercriminals to steal your customers’ personal or confidential information and take money from their bank accounts.

Therefore, not training your staff adequately on cyber security matters could lead to your company losing the trust of your customers. All business people know the vital importance of holding onto your loyal customer and expanding your customer base over time as essential for successfully growing your business.

Staff At All Levels Must Be Cyber Security Savvy

Administrators, people working in grounds and maintenance, technicians, executives, account managers, staff at all levels across your business organisation need to be cyber security savvy in 2022. Your company’s cyber security won’t work if there are floors due to certain members of staff knowing having very little cyber security training compared to others.

To raise the overall standard of cyber security, the coverage of cyber security training amongst your employees needs to be equal in nature. Your administrative staff, for instance, will have to deal with confidential and private information that mustn’t fall into the wrong hands on a day-to-day basis. If you come across staff who persistently show themselves as unwilling to learn more about cyber security and how it affects the business, it could be a good idea for your company to train them up and make change happen. Or else they may need to be dismissed.

This is a practical guide explaining why providing satisfactory cyber security training to staff members is essential for businesses operating in today’s digital world. Like many other areas in society today, the professional world has now gone online. Businesses that fail to adapt and develop solutions by adequately training their staff about cybersecurity through practical things like bespoke training courses risk getting left behind by their competitors. Economic competition is fierce between businesses of all sizes in 2022.

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