Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad in Italy

Thursday - February 28, 2019

Why studying abroad in Italy? This is such a popular country that you might find yourself overwhelmed with information.

Do not worry! We have selected the best and very basic information you need to know. Here are our “pros and cons of studying abroad in Italy”



Of course, any Italian will say that their cuisine is the best in the world. And of course, they will argue with any French person for that title. But Italian food is much more complex than just the renowned spaghetti and lasagna. Let me explain:

First of all, the magic binomial of “pasta and pizza” just scratches the surface of Italian dishes. There is a variety of elaborate dishes, from the veggie-based Mediterranean diet to the Renaissance luxurious cuisine. All of that is worth trying and is broader in nutritional content than just a carbohydrate-heavy diet of pasta and pizza.

Secondly, those two very Italian dishes are very different from the international reinterpretations that have been made. The original pasta and pizza focus not only on the content or sauce, and more on the quality of the dough: crispy but tender spaghetti, and thin and crunchy pizzas. Then, of course, there are millions of options as to the topping or sauce, that will not mask but complement the dish.

Thirdly, and as in any globalized country, there is a heavy presence of international and fast food restaurants. So, whichever is your choice of food, Italy should be your number one option.


We all know that most European countries have a big tradition of studying their medieval history. But the spectacular case of Italy is that their Classic/Roman tradition is equally as important, and moreover, it influenced the world that came after it. In Italy, Roman and Medieval history merge in a unique manifestation of plastic art, architecture, literature, and culture. This can be observed even in the academic world, where you can find a degree like Art History in Rome, and study surrounded by the great masterpieces that you are reading about.


Italy is one of the most romantic places on earth. So, if you are looking for great adventures when you study abroad, this advantage will make it all worth for you. Just remember to stay focused on your studies while you are falling in love in Italy.


Finally, the mild and comfortable climate of the Mediterranean coast is definitely a reason to stay there. And guess what: Italy is 90% Mediterranean Coast. The climate here, the same as in Spain and Greece, does vary with seasons but is more forgiving than in other places. Sunny and comfortable winters, seldom rainy spring and fall, and a nice sunny summer with fresh nights will make you fall in love with this country. Definitely, doing leisure activities is easier than studying abroad in Italy, but one can have both!

Venice, the city of the Moon



On the other hand, the Italian language discourages some people from studying in Italy. The fact is that the country is well adapted to English, especially in big cities. Also, if studying abroad in Italy is your plan, you can find many university programs taught in English, like these ones. But the Italian language is as charming as it is intimidating, and you have to account for it if you want to be friendly with some locals.


Quite contrary to some people´s belief, Italy is very well communicated, with a network of ships, planes and high-speed trains that can get you anywhere inside and outside of the country. But the traffic in cities like Rome is, as expected, complicated. Rome, Milan, and Florence have very high motorbike concentration, and that might be due to nice weather and parking difficulties. So if you are a scooter rider, this is a great chance to use it. And if you don´t, just be patient with the traffic. Remember the saying: “all the roads lead to Rome”.


We took the liberty to include party in the “cons” section, although it is not really. Both touristic and student cities in Italy have a great reputation for nightlife and recreational activities. You will definitely be welcome to all of those, but just remember: your main goal is Studying Abroad in Italy, not just Partying Abroad in Italy!

Pisa´s leaning tower

Are you convinced? Are you ready to take the risks and enjoy the benefits of Studying Abroad in Italy? Click here to view some of our recommended programs in Italy.