Produce a 007 car with a Master’s in Automotive Systems!

Friday - June 6, 2014

ThumbnailJames Bond’s Aston Martin in Skyfall (2012)

Not only are James Bond’s cars beautiful and classic, they’re also filled with nice gadgets. How about implementing those nice gadgets in into a new car? Consider a Master’s in Automotive Systems!

HAN University in the Netherlands is currently offering a Masters in Automotive Systems. In this Masters course you will be taught by highly qualified and experienced lecturers who are active in the industry. You gain an in-depth understanding of a wide variety of disciplines directly applicable to the industry. These include vehicle electronicsmechatronics and software developmentdriver interfacing and intelligent traffic and road environment systems.

A Master’s in Automotive Systems enables you to build new cars for the future. Future proof cars are all about electrical and energy efficiency. So expand your knowledge about cars and be part of the industry!

If you want to know more about this Master course, please register for the webinar HAN University is offering this June 25. You are able to ask questions live to lecturers, who are active in the car industry.

(Please note that we cannot guarantee that you are actually going to build a car for everyone’s favorite MI6 agent, but we guess that you figured that out.)

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