POLI.design – the pinnacle of your design studies!

Friday - April 27, 2018

POLI.design… take a minute to imagine what this term means to you… so we’ve got the particle ‘POLI’, and then ‘design’, but perfectly blended together. If you thought of a design school, then you’ve guessed it right – POLI.design IS a DESIGN SCHOOL! However, it’s not JUST ANY design school. Some might say it’s the BEST in the world, but how can you quantify how good a design school is, considering design is such a broad, abstract term? For that reason, I’ve put together this amazing piece to give you an insight on why POLI.design really is THE PINNACLE OF YOUR DESIGN STUDIES.

POLI.design – the pinnacle of your design studiesAffiliated to Politecnico di Milano!

Where do you think POLI.design has gotten its name? That’s right – from the prestigious Politecnico di Milano, Italy’s NUMBER ONE technical university! POLI.design is the design school affiliated to the famous Politecnico di Milano, thing that gives it an international perspective and a widened vision towards the world. In other words, being under the Politecnico’s umbrella makes POLI.design an exquisite branch not only in the design of the Tech-related fields, but the actual creative disciplines as well.

POLI.design – the pinnacle of your design studiesWorld’s fashion capital!

Everyone knows the ‘Milan Fashion Week’, right? The most famous fashion event in the world? That’s right, it happens where POLI.design is located. Coincidence? I think not, because what is fashion? It’s the design of clothes, field in which POLI.design is a leading education provider. As a matter of fact, POLI.design is actively involved in the activities surrounding the event, being an active part in the promotional and organisational efforts of it.

POLI.design – the pinnacle of your design studiesNot just long hours in the lecture room…

POLI.design is not just a school, providing classes and workshops and hoping the students grasp the knowledge on the way with no real-life application. No. POLI.design acts like a ‘binding agent’, an interface if you will, that brings together other universities, professional bodies and local and international businesses. POLI.design is the complete package when it comes to studying design of any kind, providing all-round knowledge and expertise to whoever dares to join it ?

POLI.design – the pinnacle of your design studiesMulticultural, lively hub

Being one of the most globally-recognised schools of design in the world, obviously that attracts a lot of students from all over the place. At POLI.design not only will you find some of the most creative minds in the world, but also like-minded individuals of from a wide variety of nationalities, cultures and mindsets. Student life is literally outstanding at the Milan campus of POLI.design!

The pinnacle of studies in design-related curricula

POLI.design – the pinnacle of your design studiesPOLI.design truly is the definition of exquisite quality degrees, all teaching and training being done in a professional, fun and interactive way with an obvious emphasis on the creative more than on other aspects. The multitude of design-related programs offers amazing choice to the student, which should encounter no issues when searching for the design course of their dreams ?

Online Open Days

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