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Perfect the Design to Design the Perfection

Wednesday - October 5, 2016

Design Studies

“Design is not just what it looks or feels like. Design is how it works,” said the most successful CEO of all ages.

But how do you make it work?

Hong Kong has the answer.

Thriving in a dynamic, fast growing, industry leading and technologically advanced environment, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design keeps surprising the world with ultimate design success stories since 1960. Confirming Steve Job´s attitude, PolyU Design has what it takes to lead innovation and create astonishing visual and sensory experiences.




Open, highly entrepreneurial and at the junction of art and science, the institution that belongs to the top 10 Best Industrial Design Schools worldwide, takes pride in being able to share the secrets with the education, research and business world:


Understanding Takes It All 


Advertising, digital media, environment or product design, you need to get itbefore you make it, you need to put people first and concentrate on the power of the Interaction Design: The key success factor that applies psychology and information & communication technology methods in order to introduce highly attracting products that can make history and create legends.


No Borders, No Boundaries, No Limits


International markets, multicultural environments, multi-disciplinary teams and fast moving economies, you also need to master the rules how to handle the complicated competitive innovation battle fields: International Design and Business Management strategies provide the tools for adopting multiple design perspectives by evaluating the cultural differences.


In the Action Seats


To all the creative spirits, the curious minds and the uncompromising future shapers, the school that consistently appears on ‘The Best Design Schools in the World’ list by the BusinessWeek Magazine, offers a unique place in the front row: Inspired by the ground-breaking, Hong Kong, that ranked #11 on the Global Innovation Index, PolyU Design teaches the  passionate designers how to combine the answers and draw the lines to success.


Days Open to the Future


To save those imaginative individuals from the university market research travel costs and long phone calls, the forward thinking team of The Study Abroad Portal is in charge! Taking care of the practicalities, they give you the unique chance to get thoroughly informed about your design studies on two Online Open Days.


So, if you belong to the creative ones, hurry up and get connected:

30 November: Master in International Design and Business Management (MDes) by the enthusiastic team of Benny Leong, the Specialism Leader in International Design and Business Management, the Programme Leader, Dr Jörn Bühring, and the Marketing Manager, Stephanie Ho.

13 December: Master in Interaction Design (MDes) by the Specialism Leader in Interaction Design, Dr. Kenny Chow and the Marketing Manager, Stephanie Ho.

The registrations are on!

Join the Online Open Days about your Design Studies in Hong Kong to

lay your innovation foundations starting from an innovative experience.


Go ahead and start designing your Design Studies in Hong Kong!