How to have the perfect LinkedIn Profile

If you want to succeed in the business world the creation of a LinkedIn profile is the right step to take. It’s your chance to present yourself online and you get displayed to recruiters all over the world. But how to leave the perfect first impression with your profile? In this article we will give you an instruction in 5 steps.

LinkedIn has more than 500 million users around the globe. It’s the worldwide most used social media platform for career planning. Your profile works like a business card in the web in order to self-promote you.

But how should a good profile look like? What are recruiters looking for? Here are a few advices on how to present yourself in a better way:

1. Your profile picture

The photo of your profile should be professional, of course. It should be in line with the industry, in which you plan to pursue your future career. Maybe try to look at photos from other people in your field and observe how they present themselves. The most important thing is that you seem inviting and friendly, but still professional.

2. Customise your URL

In order to put a nice link of your profile in your CV, you should customise your LinkedIn URL. It’s an easy process directly on your profile. Within a few clicks you get rid of the numbers LinkedIn added after your name. That way it will be also much easier for recruiters to find you.

3. Your headline

The headline is – after your name – the first thing one sees, when looking for your profile. That’s why it is of enormous importance. Don’t just keep the automatically created headline LinkedIn gives you – it’s way too boring! You have to draw attention and that way you’ll get seen more by recruiters. Take your time and think about the perfect headline for your profile, including e.g. your degree, your career goals and your skills. Always keep in mind to include key words to make it easier to get find.

4. Your summary

The summary is maybe the most important part of your LinkedIn profile. Nevertheless, many users just leave it empty. But here is your chance to stand out and tell what you want others to know about you. Ideally it should consist of 3 to 5 paragraphs. Your summary should reflect your CV but not be a repetition of it. Tell about your skills, your work passion, your qualifications and your previous experiences. And be authentic by doing so!

5. Improve your experiences

Don’t just put a list of your previous jobs on your LinkedIn profile. Use bullet points to describe your tasks there. Also, turn your work tasks into achievements! For this, try to reflect on how your work was of use to the company. You also have the possibility to add multimedia files – take advantage of it! Which presentation or article were you especially proud of? Put it in your virtual CV! But be careful that your online resume doesn’t differ from your sent one!

Extra Advice

If you speak more than one language fluently, then your profile should reflect that! Especially when you are applying for internships abroad, it’s important to have your profile at least in English or – even better – in the local language of the country, where you want to live & work in the future.

If you want to improve your language skills and higher your employment chances, the best way is to do an internship abroad, that way you’ll always be surrounded by the language. How to get an internship in another country? Don’t worry we – from PIC Management – are here to help you! Check out our offers in Europe and Latin-America and get in touch with us.

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