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New Master programme in Ethnic and Migration Studies at Linköping University in Sweden

Friday - November 13, 2020

Linköping University in Sweden is offering since 2016 a unique Master in Ethnic and Migration Studies at its internationally acclaimed REMESO (research on migration, ethnicity and society) Institute. REMESO which has been awarded as a FORTE centre of excellence pursues interdisciplinary research and education on transnational migration, ethnic diversity and citizenship in relation to changes in the labour market.  The centre was opened in 2008 and received funding from the FORTE, Swedish research council for health working life and welfare and has over 40 researchers and has published various articles and books since it opened its doors in 2008.

Master in Science for Sustainable Development

If you are interested in global issues like ethnic diversity, gender, immigration and citizenship then this master´s programme is for you. During the course you will have the opportunity to study abroad, do an internship and upon completion of your studies you will be prepared to find a job in local, national and international organizations, administrations, business, government, media and the cultural sector, as well as for further postgraduate studies. The master´s teaches interdisciplinary subjects and has the goal to affect change and address some of the most challenging issues facing the world today.

The webinar takes place on the 24th of November and during the live session you will learn all about the brand new programme and you will be given the opportunity to speak with the course directors and ask any questions you have regarding the Masters and practical issues regarding application, requirements, tuition, deadlines, housing, etc. If you are interested in joining the webinar please sign up here for free HERE!