Have you ever wondered which are the 5 occupations with the most growth projections for 2010-2020? or, Do you have any idea of which are the top 5 highest paid occupations with growth projections for 2010-2020?

As an advice, we recommend you to match your interests, skills and education to fields projected to grow and pay the most.  An occupation’s inclusion on lists like these is not reason enough to decide to pursue it. Before you choose a career you must do your homework. You should look at employment projections, to find out your chances of getting a job when you complete your training, but don’t rely on that alone when making your final choice. An occupation, even one with a very bright future, must be suitable for you based on your interests, values, aptitude, personality type and your feelings about the job duties and work environment. You can learn about yourself by doing a self assessment and about the careers you are considering by reading job descriptions and conducting informational interviews.

In the following infographic you will be able to visualize the most growth & highest paid jobs through 2020.

highest paid jobs

What other careers do you consider that will grow in the next 10 years?

Source: careerplanning.about.com