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More than just work experience: your dream trip during an internship abroad

Wednesday - February 27, 2019

The internship does not mean only work and new professional experience.

You will also travel, make new friends, improve language, learn about the culture and everyday life in another country. We offer you to read about the most interesting destinations and internships, during that you will spend your free time great.


Would you prefer to combine the internship with active leisure? Australia is the perfect choice for you. The country is famous by nature, the ocean and warm climate. There you can visit popular national parks, do surfing or diving and see the Great Barrier Reef. If you want to spend a few months here, take a look at the internships below.

  • Design Internship. You will be charged with various tasks from your tutor: make a draft for a mailout, new designs website items, and landing pages, or illustrations for social networks. Learn more here.
  • Program for photographers, during that you can work with famous photographers, learn their secrets of the session and practice yourself under their direction. Also in the office, you will deal with photo editing, correct the exposure, color balance and many more. To apply, tap here.

Barcelona, Spain

There you can relax and spend free time on the beach or enjoy the world famous architecture. It is also a chance to travel more. During the internship in Spain, you can visit other European countries, such as France and Portugal. We have selected a couple of paid interesting internships in Spain for you.

  • Hotel Internship. You will be taught hospitality golden rules and main principles and develop the ability to work independently. More information and requirements here.
  • Law Internship. As an intern in trade or logistic companies, you can help employees with law cases. It is a great opportunity to improve your professional foreign language and work in real situations. Learn more and apply here.


Do you dream to spend a few months in a heavenly place? Then choose the Maldives. There are picturesque beaches, a warm climate and crystal water. In your free time, you can enjoy spectacular sunsets. On the Maldives, you can get a placement in the luxe-class hotel during the paid internship. Among available vacancies are waiter, hostess, receptionist or guest relations manager. Learn more about the program here. 

Have you found an interesting destination for you? On StudyQA website you can see internships in many countries: the USA, Germany, France, China, and others. Tap here to discover all of the available internships.