Make it in the world of Biotechnology with a Master´s from the University of Eastern Piedmont in beautiful Novara, Italy

Wednesday - February 10, 2016

If you are looking to take the next step in your career within the scientific community and have an interest in biology then the Master´s Degree in Medical Biotechnologies at The University of Eastern Piedmont Avogadro in Novara, Italy will provide you with the relevant training and qualifications to further yourself. The University of Eastern Piedmont Amedeo Avogadro was founded in 1998 and consists of seven different departments.

The “Eastern Piedmont” region is a province in Northern Italy and the university prides itself on the equal status accorded to three the locations in which the University is divided. The university has three campuses located in Turin, Quaregna and Bellaria.  The university relies on its rich history in science and is proud to name the illustrious scientist Amedeo Avogadro Quaregna from the region. He discovered that equal volumes of different gases contain an equal number of molecules, provided they are at the same temperature and pressure. He went on to discover H2O contains two atoms of hydrogen to one atom of oxygen.

The University of Eastern Piedmont in Italy ranks 810th in the world according to the latest QS University World Rankings and nationally it ranks 43rd .  The Master´s program is delivered completely in English  and is designed to prepare graduate students with solid chemical and biological knowledge. Be sure to watch the promotional video here of the course overview and structure. You will also be able to look into what life is like at the University and what careers are on offer once students graduate from the University.  The science department has won various awards for its contributions to the medical community both within Italy and Europe, and it is one of the top Master´s for biotechnologies in Italy.

Living in Novara, Italy will give students the opportunity to experience Italian culture at its finest and savor the famous Italian cuisine. The area is rich in history and famous for its natural beauty and stunning lakes. Lake Maggior is one of the most widely visited and beautiful of the region and Lake Orta is another great lake to visit. Students will not be short of monuments to visit and interesting things to do. Even though the Master´s program is in English students have the opportunity to learn Italian.


If you would like to find out more about the Master´s in Medical Biotechnologies at The University of Eastern Piedmont then sign up for the free webinar on the 19th of April 2016. The live interactive webinar will give you the chance to speak to course directors and learn all there is about the program. Fill in your details below to register for the event.[wufoo username=”web2present” formhash=”z1qdawm714d2y4h” autoresize=”true” height=”519″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]