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Living and studying in Finland: Arctic safe haven for international students

Wednesday - July 3, 2019
Living and studying in Finland_ Arctic safe haven for international students

Finland is becoming more international with each passing day. While proud of their rich Nordic culture, Finns are curious about new cultures and put effort into making Finland a remarkable connection between Europe and the rest of the world.

The climate in Finland is a mixture of maritime and continental, depending on the location. The Golf current flowing from the south bring warm winds and thus the climate the northern Europe is warmer than in other locations in the same latitude.

Finland is a country that offers many career and life opportunities, may it be for students, expats and even families! Why it is the new perfect destination for foreign students and immigrants and the happiest country for the second consecutive year? There are 3 perfect answers: Let’s find out.

Study life: In general, Finland is well known for its highly ranked education system.

This is not merely a myth, but it also seems to be experienced by many international students. Students appreciate the universities in Finland mainly for its high academic standards and the teaching staff, especially mentioning about everyone being very student friendly.

Freedom: This is no doubt one of the best qualities of Finland. Students has freedom to choose and study on a phase that is not too competitive and fierce, thus allowing students to be more creative while improving self-learning and problem-solving skills.

Haven for travelers: One of the most well-connected countries in the world: Finland is located in North of Europe and you can travel to over 130 destinations in Europe, Asia or North America in just a few short hours. It is home to Vanajavesi, a long narrow lake, Aulanko park and the famous red brick castle as noted among the few landmarks of the country. For a quick escapade of grand architectures, you can also visit Hämeenlinna Historical Museum, the Santa Claus Village or a quick tour at Åland Islands, students and families and travelers van visit the islands on midsummer’s eve and join the ancient celebration marking the longest day of the year!

Be it adventure or calmness that you’re looking for, you will find it in Finland!

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