A letter to my little sister – how I chose my career

Wednesday - January 23, 2019

Dear little sister:

Sorry I couldn´t go back home for Christmas. I really missed all of you, but the truth is, I´ve been quite busy… and I loved it.

I haven´t really told you yet, sister, but one of my master’s teachers chose me for his research group in summer, and I met two other students with which I am going to start a small company! Finally, all the things that I love talking about, and that you probably hate hearing about already, I can do and explore!

But do not get me wrong: since I left home I´ve missed everything.

Well… maybe not everything, but I miss you so much! And dad´s jokes and mum´s stories, and our dog´s bark, and grandma´s cooking, and grandpa´s rants. Weirdly, I think about our family vacations a lot: I feel like we will never have the same chance, but maybe we should try this summer again!

Little sister advice study abroad parents proud

I think that studying and living abroad…

…is something everyone should experience. It is scary at first but shows you how to be a new person. It teaches you not just whatever you are studying, but how to really live your life for the first time. Luckily, I had you when we were growing up. Some of my flatmates and people I´ve met don´t have the same values because they didn´t have brothers or sisters: respect, tolerance and the ability to share…

little sister memories nostalgia summer days advice study abroad

Above all, I think it is important that you choose wisely.

Both the uni that you study in and the place that you live in will impact how you feel and grow. I know it seems challenging -to choose a place to study without knowing the uni or place. But there are ways to do it. I used this, have a look at this portal.

Hope to see you soon, and have a great new year.