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Learn how to manage transport and logistics systems at Linköping University, in Sweden!

Thursday - October 22, 2015


Would you like to acquire the
engineering and managerial skills required for the design, planning, analysis and management of transport and logistics systems? Carefully designed, transport and logistics systems are fundamental to secure individual mobility, commerce, welfare and economic growth in all nations.

The Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics master’s programme by Linköping University, in Sweden, is designed to prepare students for careers within transportation planning, logistics management, traffic engineering, or product and service development within the field. And students will also be well prepared for a research career!

This master’s programme focuses on the development of systems for transportation of people and goods, with the aim to increase efficiency, safety, mobility and customer satisfaction while decreasing environmental impact. The essence of the programme is the integration of logistics and traffic systems by using information technology and telecommunications.

In large cities like New York, London, Paris, Tokyo or Hong Kong the logistics and traffic systems affect each other since goods transportation heavily contributes to congestion, while longer travel times due to congestion are negative for efficient logistics. That’s why this master’s programme in Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics include tools for understanding, developing and controlling future transport and logistics systems through the use of geographical information systems, optimisation and simulation.

Courses include: traffic modelling, supply chain modelling, road safety and project management. Oral and written communication, as well as language courses, are integrated in the programme to prepare students for international management positions.

During the programme, students will be able to choose courses in areas such as: traffic safety management, supply chain management, mobile and wireless telecommunications and mathematical modelling of traffic systems. The last semester is dedicated to the master’s degree project, often carried out in close cooperation with the industry.

Students will be at the frontline of Swedish research on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) since Linköping University is the coordinating university of the Swedish National Postgraduate School of ITS. The university is also a member of ITS-EduNet, the network for Training and Education on Intelligent Transport Systems.

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