Learn effective tips and tricks on how to apply to a Business School!

Thursday - December 3, 2015

Deadlines for many business schools are approaching and candidates around the world are looking at their various options. Applying to a business school requires an important investment of time.

There are hundreds of business schools globally and it is important to find the right fit. The reputation of the school, their position in the rankings, the accreditations, the length of the programme, the application process, the cost, are among the factors that influence the decision to apply.

This is the perfect time to participate in our Online Open Day where you can listen and ask experts about how to approach the process of making application process. The webinar is recorded so that you don’t miss it!

This webinar is sponsored by Ventspils University in Latvia.

During this webinar you will learn about:

• Why should you attend a Business School

• What type of students are Business Schools looking for

• What are the typical requirements

• When is the right time to apply

• Do’s and Don’ts of the admissions process

• How to prepare for the interview

An interactive Question and Answer session will follow the presentation – so come prepared with questions!

Who can participate:
Anyone who is or is intends to apply to a Business School!