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Knowledge Management – from Data Integration to Analytics

Saturday - December 1, 2012

Webinar Data IT

As we all now know “the only constant in life is change”. And so it works with your business. Whether it’s growing, re-inventing, merging or acquiring, one thing is certain: data is changing and managing it is more complex than ever. In order to understand how to handle these big volumes of data in order to improve knowledge management, analytic tools are essential. Back in the day, there were 2 sets of users – IT and business users, which were sitting in opposite sides of a building. However in many ways both are continually faced with the same problem: bringing together a growing variety and volume of data from flat files and delivering it to the business users who need it and support their tools of choice. It is too easy to focus on one side of the building and not the other. Therefore key providers of knowledge and data management tools now have to provide unique differentiators to focus on both sides of the building. This means generally an open source offering, including continuous innovation and never losing sight of how Business Intelligence and Data Integration should not and cannot be separated — the two are simply “better together.” See what this means in this unique Online Event providing practical examples, as well as through new visualization features in software tools which include geo-mapping, heat grids and scatterplots, allowing users to interactively analyze data through pictures and graphics without leaving behind the need to analyze disparate data sources. IT and business-users should join this FREE webinar: July 19th 2012 at 15.00 CET/ 14.00 UK. Simply register here!