What is the month of January known for?

Let´s face it: after Christmas´ pomp and ceremony, little seems to happen in January: people go back to their lives, enjoy their presents and focus on their studies or jobs. But if we have a closer look, there is a lot going on. What happens in January? 

More presents! 

For many people, Christmas is not over! If you live in one of the Mediterranean countries, you will not only be visited by Santa Claus (Saint Nikolaus) but also by Befana (Italy), Saint Basil (Greece) or the Three Wise Men (Spain), and this will happen in January. So as much as you can expect some more presents, make sure that your wallet is ready for the second assault. 

January Presents Three Wise Men Befana Saint Basil

New objectives. 

Also, the new year normally comes with new objectives and motivation. This might result in seldom visits to the gym, a new diet and saying the infamous “this year, I won´t let my exams surprise me”. Do not worry: for most of us, this new and difficult mentality will be forgotten by Valentine´s Day already. 

The month of divorces? 

Apparently, and according to different studies, January is the month with more divorces. The economic situation tends to be blamed, but surely the post-vacation syndrome has a lot to do with it. If by any chance you are having a stressful time, stay strong and wait for spring to come! 

Divorce in January Broken Heart

Academic decisions. 

Regarding the academic year, January is a month of decisions: Universities will select their students and, for some unfortunate ones, it will be time to look for a plan B. Others will just start thinking about what they what to study. So either way, January is a month of webinars! 

We are here to help. 

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Enjoy this new year!